Steel and Stainless Steel Chains

Quality Steel and Stainless Steel Marine Chain is Our Top Priority

All Titan marine chains are manufactured and proof tested in a ISO-9001 environment to ensure their lasting quality and strength for boat anchoring mooring.

Related Products

A low carbon steel marine chain specifically manufactured to Australian Standard AS2321-2006. Used for marine anchoring and mooring.


A low carbon steel chain designed with short, compact calibrated links suitable for windlasses and general anchoring. 


A low carbon steel chain specifically designed for anchoring applications. Calibrated to latest DIN766 standard.


A low carbon steel general purpose/anchor chain with an ISO short pitch link. Used where high tensile strength is not required.


ISO High Test Chain uses high tensile strength carbon steel that provides a greater strength-to-weight ratio than proof coil chain.


Mooring Chain (Long Link) in G43 grade. High tensile strength mooring chain with long links that allows the use of shackles.


Designed to offer superior corrosion resistance, appearance and strength. Each link is precisely calibrated to meet specifications.


Finished with Polished Stainless Steel and available in Half Drums and Full Drums packages.